You've taken the first step to achieving your best self.  Having a place where judgement is reserved and help is offered feels like a cool breeze.  Serenity Professional Counseling serves Keller and surrounding cities just to be that place.


“I’ve made several positive changes in my life. I was holding myself back with doubt and regrets, but my confidence and self-esteem have soared.” –E.W.


“I feel like I’m in control of my life again. The feeling of empowerment is fantastic. You were a great sounding board and you were always on my side. You weren’t judgmental and I valued your honesty.” –H.M.


“Jeff was there through some very trying times in my life. I was going through a separation and divorce, financial trouble, and the death of my mother. I feel like there’s more to do, but Jeff was there with grace and humor and I would recommend him to anyone.” – J.K.


“I’ve come on and off and I feel like I always have the tools to meet the next challenge. Jeff is easy to talk to and quietly and steadily led me to being a better person.” –M.T.


“We had a sudden crisis and didn’t know what to do. We got an appointment the next day and you really helped us through that time. Your positive outlook and sense of humor helped us to forgive and move on” –T.D.


“It takes me awhile to warm up to people but Jeff was easy to talk to like a longtime friend. I appreciate his genuineness and caring nature.  He let me talk through my concerns and my grief without judging. I highly recommend Jeff’s services and thank him for helping me move forward.” –W.G.