Marriage Counseling

Great therapy is a nuanced and individualized process. You can expect a round of therapy to last between 8 and 12 sessions. Because each person and situation is different, there is not a stock approach to reaching a sense of resolution. Instead, applying overarching therapeutic principles to unique circumstances creates a customized experience. Some common reasons to enter therapy are:

● Relationship Communication

● Loss of Motivation

● Sense of Anxiety 

● Experiencing Stress or Uneasiness

● Feelings of Depression 

● Self-Discovery

“We had a sudden crisis and didn’t know what to do. We got an appointment the next day and you really helped us through that time. Your positive outlook and sense of humor helped us to forgive and move on” –T.D.

About Jeff Jones

My greatest reward professionally occurs when someone is set free from their doubts and regains their confidence. In my 16 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I still share the feeling of pride when we walk through to a sense of security together. I’ve named my counseling practice Serenity because I believe that adversity will always interfere with our plans and it’s our challenge to meet these complications with fluidity and acceptance.

I have a strong interest in spirituality and attended Seminary where I earned a master’s degree in counseling. Religion’s philosophical principles have guided generations with their wisdom, and in the modern age, we’ve included scientific inquiry into how the mind and relationships work. By pairing the concepts of spirituality with the empirically proven techniques of psychology, together we create a uniquely meaningful and effective method of self-improvement.  

“It takes me awhile to warm up to people but Jeff was easy to talk to like a longtime friend. I appreciate his genuineness and caring nature. He let me talk through my concerns and my grief without judging. I highly recommend Jeff’s services and thank him for helping me move forward.” –W.G.

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